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Addressing Libya’s multiple crises

03/07/2015 • Policy briefs

Addressing Libya’s multiple crises: When violent politics, extremism and crime meet. This policy brief explains how Libya’s multiple crises in the fields of politics, the military, crime and extremism are interlinked through the interests and actions of influential (armed) actors.

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Europe’s China policy coming of age?

01/07/2015 • Opinion

Good news from the EU-China Summit: Europe appears on track to taking itself and its relationship with China seriously

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Afschrikking tegen niet-traditionele dreigingen

30/06/2015 • Reports and papers

Afschrikking als veiligheids­concept tegen niet-traditionele dreigingen. In deze deelstudie van de Clingendael Monitor 2015 staat de vraag centraal hoe afschrikking een relevant en effectief veiligheidsconcept en –instrument kan zijn ter bescherming van de nationale veiligheidsbelangen.

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The case for contact: new challenges of mediation with armed groups

25/06/2015 • Reports and papers

The role of mediators in armed conflicts is becoming increasingly difficult. With many of today’s conflicts taking place in murky contexts of non-conventional violence, where the state is weak and multiple armed groups operate with diverse agendas, mediators are faced with many challenges.

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Through the eyes of a Paratrooper: 173rd jumps in Ukraine for Rapid Trident 2011

Realisme nodig om patstelling NAVO-Rusland te doorbreken

24/06/2015 • Opinion

De NAVO is in het verleden te naïef geweest en zou meer begrip moeten tonen voor gekrenkte Russische gevoelens

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Shifting the donor narrative in South Sudan

23/06/2015 • Reports and papers

The crisis in South Sudan calls for a critical reflection on past and forthcoming aid practices in the country, and on the assumptions and ambitions that underpin them.

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Grexit en de Europese mythes

22/06/2015 • Opinion

Ook vandaag nog horen we zware dreigementen over het gevaar van een grexit. Maar klopt dat wel of probeert Europa ons en vooral de Grieken bang te maken?

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Deelname Korps Mariniers aan EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation, November 2013

Korps Mariniers: verbondenheid, kracht en toewijding

19/06/2015 • Books and articles

Tijdens de Algemene Beschouwingen in de Tweede Kamer over het neerstorten van de MH 17 verklaarde premier Rutte geen mariniers te zullen inzetten, waar sommige Kamerleden om hadden gevraagd.

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Presidents Xi Jinping and Obama

US National Security Strategy: 'strategisch geduld'

19/06/2015 • Opinion

De wereld doet zich in toenemende mate kennen als een fusie van multilaterale en multipolaire scenario's. Aldus constateert de jaarlijkse studie van Clingendael over de huidige en toekomstige ontwikkelingen in de wereld.

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Divergent approaches to improving security and justice in South Sudan

18/06/2015 • Reports and papers

Improving the security and justice context is essential to a successful transition to peace and stability in South Sudan and to the realisation of the objectives of South Sudan’s struggle for independence. This paper focuses on how, and to what effect, the international community supported security and justice initiatives in South Sudan and makes suggestions for future improvements.

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Marketing violence: Islamic State franchising as business strategy

17/06/2015 • Opinion

Over the last weeks, the battlefield fortunes of the Islamic State (IS) have waxed once more after a number of setbacks that some considered to be the beginning of its end.

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Making Sense of Informal Economies in Fragile Contexts

17/06/2015 • Policy briefs

Increased attention for job creation, private sector development and illicit financial flows in fragile contexts has rekindled policy interest in the phenomenon of economic informality. Yet, conventional responses to informal economies may not be suitable for fragile situations due to the particular challenges posed by the dynamics of fragility and conflict.

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