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Options for addressing the Syrian civil war

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 24, 2014

This new CRU report outlines options for greater Western engagement in the Syrian civil war to halt the violence. It examines the war´s trajectory, international entanglements and current battlefield situation.

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Ukraine plane crash

(update) Clingendael experts in the media on the Ukraine plane crash.

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TTIP and the Renaissance of Transatlanticism

Global Issues and Asia • Publications • July 07, 2014

Through a TTIP agreement, the combined regulatory power of the United States and the European Union will offer the transatlantic West a window of opportunity to defend economic interests and political values in an increasingly plurilateral global order.

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The New Criminal Blitz: Mali, Iraq and the Business of Asymmetry

What does the ISIS insurgency in Iraq have in common with recent Islamist activity in Mali? Ivan Briscoe believes they’ve both elevated the obtaining of illicit income to new levels, thereby linking crime, Jihadism and the sectarian decomposition of the nation-state in more unpredictable ways.

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Strategy and Policy for Afghanistan

In the middle of the presidential elections in Afghanistan, eight senior Afghan policy officers took part in a training course in strategic policy planning at the Clingendael Academy.

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Negotiation Training for the Oil & Gas Sector in Mozambique

Mozambique is rapidly developing its oil and gas sector. In order to support this country to develop the sector, international projects are implemented to train relevant groups on specific themes, such as international negotiations.

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Central Asian diplomats in discussion with OSCE

The Clingendael Academy received a delegation of eleven Junior Diplomats from Central Asia and Mongolia during the first three weeks of July.

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Empowering victims of terrorism to make their voices heard

New video demonstrates the work that ICCT’s Max Boon and his colleagues are doing in Indonesia, reaching out to high school students and empowering victims of terrorism to play a role in countering violent extremism.

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