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Implications for Dutch foreign policy of international climate change

Resources and Economy • Publications • March 24, 2015

This study analyses whether Dutch foreign policies in the fields of development cooperation, foreign economic relations and security are climate-proof.

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China, Europe and the Maritime Silk Road

Global Issues and Asia • Publications • March 26, 2015

This report assesses how the Chinese involvement in ports along the Asia–Europe maritime corridor – from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean Sea – is relevant for the European Union.

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Understanding instability in Libya: will peace talks end the chaos?

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • March 17, 2015

Four years into the post-Qadhafi transition, Libya is home to two rivaling governments; numerous extremely powerful armed brigades, Islamic State strongholds; and a dangerous increase in criminal activity. Peace talks are held to bring together the warring parties in a national unity government. But can a political settlement end instability and violence?

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Capacity Building for Diplomatic Academies Central Asia and Mongolia

Last week, diplomatic officers of the Diplomatic Academies from the Central Asian Republics and Mongolia followed a capacity building program at the Clingendael Academy. To what new challenges should diplomats be prepared to respond? What essential tools and skills do diplomats today need in order to effectively operate in the international arena?

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Training Course in Cyber Diplomacy

As a side event of the Global Conference on CyberSpace, the ICT4Peace Foundation together with the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ will host a ½-day training course in cyber diplomacy.

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European defence: about neighbours and distant friends

In the second concluding article in “The CSDP: National Perspectives” series, Dick Zandee looks at the deepening cooperation between European armed forces in bilateral and regional clusters.

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Water Management: Working Visit to the Port of Rotterdam

Effective and efficient water management is a challenge many governments face. The Clingendael Academy offers a training course entirely devoted to water management, but also integrates water management modules in several other training programmes.

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The Sahel Programme

Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit (CRU) set up a new research programme on the political economy of instability in Africa’s Sahel region.

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