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The resistible rise of TTIP

Europe / EUforum • Publications • 29 April, 2016

Why has the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) turned into such a controversial project, ruffling feathers left and right? And why the hurry to rush things through so quickly?

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Trumps metamorphosis and the odds of a 'First Lady President'

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs • Publications • 26 April, 2016

Due to a broad ideological consensus on the capitalist nature of American society, the difference between presidential candidates can only be clarified by making it personal. The spectators of this 'political spectacle' have recently been given value for money in 2016.

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Training programme supports Vietnam in combatting torture

Capacity Building • April 29, 2016

Clingendael supports Vietnam with the further implementation of universal human rights standards. To this end, Clingendael Academy recently organised the first follow-up training in Hanoi.

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Vrijheidslezing Ko Colijn

05/05/2016 •

Ko Colijn, directeur van Instituut Clingendael, verzorgt dit jaar op 5 mei tijdens de herdenkingsbijeenkomst in de Johannes de Doperkerk in Wageningen de vrijheidslezing.

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The parliamentarisation of the EU’s economic policy

29/04/2016 • Europe / EUforum

The role of the European Parliament (EP) in economic governance is increasing. Using mostly informal mechanisms, the EP is setting in motion an incremental process towards further control. Even though the formal role of the EP is still limited, Europe’s political union seems to draw ever closer.

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EUforum highlights social dimension of Europe

28/04/2016 • Europe / EUforum

The Clingendael Institute has launched a new topic on the social dimension of Europe. EUforum adresses the different perspectives on ‘Social Europe’ on which member states base their input in Europe.

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New training in 'Blue Diplomacy'

25/04/2016 • International Skills

Today Clingendael welcomes a group of diplomats from the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). It is the first time that Clingendael Academy hosts this diverse group from the SIDS, in total covering 25 different countries.

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Three cheers for the Paris Agreement on climate change

21/04/2016 • Resources and Economy

Over 150 representatives of various states are gathering in New York to reconfirm their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. The signing of the Agreement marks an important highpoint in the history of international climate politics but will it have a definitive and long-lasting impact?

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