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Libya the new Syria?

Conflict and Fragility • February 12, 2016

During the annual International Security Conference in Munich, the rise of the terrorist group Islamic State in Libya is high on the agenda. In the Dutch news programme 'Nieuwsuur' Clingendael's general director Ko Colijn outlines the current situation in Libya.

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Brexit: Strategic consequences for Europe

12/02/2016 • Europe / EUforum

The UK will soon organize an in/out referendum opening the door to a possible Brexit. This report by Peter van Ham examines Brexit’s strategic consequences for Europe.

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UN observers trained for Lebanon, Syria and Israel

11/02/2016 • Security and Conflict

The newest contingent of Dutch UN observers recently attended the pre-deployment training at Clingendael. During the training the 15 officers were immersed in the political, historical and religious context of the Middle East.

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European diplomats discuss latest EU security challenges

09/02/2016 • EU Affairs

Clingendael designed a tailor-made course for diplomats as part of the European Diplomatic Programme. Among the topics discussed were the major challenges for EU policy makers in security and defence. Structures are still designed according to Cold War realities. They need to be revived.

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Brexit: UK versus EU

08/02/2016 • Europe / EUforum

The debate on whether a Brexit should or should not take place enters a crucial phase. Must we feel compelled to negotiate with the British? The Dutch political TV talk show 'Buitenhof' features the debate with Clingendael Expert Adriaan Schout.

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Clingendael in European think tank top 25 ranking

03/02/2016 •

Once again the Clingendael Institute can be found among the top 25 think tanks in Europe. "The recently published Global Go To Think Tank Index 2015 shows we are in a continuous process of innovating and thinking ahead," says general director Ko Colijn.

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