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South Sudan: from fragility at independence to a crisis of sovereignty

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • April 03, 2014

In December 2013, South Sudan descended into crisis and the nascent state began to deal with internal and external sovereignty challenges.

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‘Klasje’ (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is sworn in at Clingendael

Every year the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hires about twenty new diplomats. For three months the Clingendael Institute in The Hague prepares them for their first job at the ministry. Colleagues from other ministries also partake in the course. Together they are ‘het klasje’ (‘the class’). On the 1st of April their course was kicked off by swearing in these new civil servants.

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Clingendael Report: Sovereignty and defence cooperation

Security and Terrorism • Publications • March 26, 2014

The issue of 'sovereignty' in defence cooperation has often been understood as that of a show-stopper, throwing up boundaries for further cooperation. Margriet Drent argues that by disentangling the sovereignty debate and by providing alternative sources of legitimacy via parliaments this boundary can be overcome.

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State or private protection against maritime piracy?

Overview of the challenges related to military vessel protection detachments, the existing legal framework for private security companies, and key regulatory aspects.

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Farewell speech of South Asian diplomats

Twenty junior diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan left The Hague after ending their six-weeks training at the Clingendael Academy. At the closing ceremony of this training programme, two group representatives were invited to deliver their speech for an official audience at the Clingendael Institute.

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Preparing for Negotiations with the Dutch National Youth Council

What do you do when you want to prepare for an upcoming conference and you know there is going to be some tough negotiations ahead? Members of the Dutch National Youth Council found out at a training at the Clingendael Academy.

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European Election Debate

It is time for a truly ‘European’ debate for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. One vote: many voices and real choices. What kind of Europe do the European political groups envisage and support: Social Europe, Green Europe, Open Europe or Europe light?

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Masterclass Nuclear Security

On 24-25 March 2014 the 3rd Nuclear Security Summit took place in the Hague. After Washington and Seoul, it is the one but last Summit on Nuclear Security attended to by Heads of State and Government. This Masterclass will give you all the ins and outs regarding the NSS.

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