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New ban on nuclear weapons and implications for the Netherlands

Security and Conflict • Publications • May 12, 2015

International support for a new multilateral treaty banning nuclear weapons is increasing. What implications would such a treaty have for the Netherlands?

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Lebanon: elites, power and security

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • May 07, 2015

How the organization of security in Lebanon serves elite interests. Despite the turmoil and the insecurity that is spilling over from the Syrian conflict, Lebanon is not a passive player or victim in the regional security situation.

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The role of the military in the prosecution of terrorism cases

Security and Terrorism • Publications • May 07, 2015

In this research paper the role of the military when performing law enforcement activities in terms of collecting evidence and/or securing suspected terrorists is analysed.

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Expanding the Network: West Africa and the Sahel

For the first time, the Clingendael Academy has the honour to welcome a group of diplomats from West Africa and the Sahel.

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Updates International Politics

A new edition of the open registration course on International Politics has started at the Clingendael Academy.

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Europe’s volatile southern neighbourhood

The “Arab Spring” protests of 2011 upended the political status quo in North Africa, ushering in an era of turmoil and political uncertainty. This policy brief begins by examining regional political developments since the onset of the Arab Spring, and the impact they will have on Europe.

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Clingendael as knowledge partner to the OECD Forum 2-3 June 2015

Based on its extensive research on the topics for the OECD Forum 2015, Clingendael has been invited to contribute as knowledge partner to this event.

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Seminar International Negotiations

This highly interactive skills training will allow you to develop your personal negotiation style and tactics, and to achieve better results.

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