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MH17 and the diplomacy of business going Dutch

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs • Publications • August 11, 2014

MH17 has left Dutch society in a state of mid-summer anaesthesia.

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Geopolitics and Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean

Security and Terrorism • Publications • August 07, 2014

The risk of emerging Great Power rivalry is a fundamental threat to security in the Indian Ocean region. There is a need for a new multilateral forum for maritime security issues in the Indian Ocean.

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Options for addressing the Syrian civil war

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 24, 2014

This new CRU report outlines options for greater Western engagement in the Syrian civil war to halt the violence. It examines the war´s trajectory, international entanglements and current battlefield situation.

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The Digital Diplomacy Bibliography 2014

In the years ahead, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy and the Clingendael Institute will conduct research on diplomacy and public diplomacy in the digital age. In the spirit of enhanced communication, we intend to share our findings at an early stage.

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Clingendael trains NASC Nigeria

Adequate recruitment and careful selection of staff is of strategic importance for the well-functioning of the Nigerian parliament. The Clingendael Academy organized a training.

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Forgoing the Nuclear Option

One of the mysteries within the study of International Relations is why states that are capable of developing nuclear weapons don’t build them.

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NATO, EU, Central Asia and Mongolia: searching for common interests

In July the Clingendael Academy organised a training programme in diplomacy, stability and prosperity for diplomats from Central-Asia and Mongolia.

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New PINPoints #40 - Clingendael’s negotiation magazine: now available

In the first PINPoints since the death of Nelson Mandela we take stock of his negotiation legacy. And his form of leadership which we have not seen since, although the new edition of PINPoints described plenty of situations in which it is surely needed.

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