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Paris: 11/13/15 - Analysis and Policy Options

Security and Terrorism • Publications • November 20, 2015

New policy brief by Clingendael and ICCT.

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From Competition to Compatibility: Striking a Eurasian balance

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs • Publications • November 23, 2015

The Russia-driven creation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) at the beginning of 2015 has provided the EU with a new range of geopolitical and geo-economic challenges, but also with a potential new channel of dialogue with Moscow. This report assesses the pros and cons of three possible strategies for the EU in dealing with the EEU, and argues that technical cooperation along the lines of “Tentative Compatibility” could provide the most effective policy-oriented benchmark.

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Using the EU’s trade power as leverage for a climate deal in Paris

Resources and Economy • Publications • November 24, 2015

Now or never: Using the EU’s trade power as leverage for a climate deal in Paris. This policy brief questions whether the climate diplomacy strategy will be enough and looks at what else the EU could do.

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Koenders: Challenges and Chances for European Cooperation

Lecture 'Challenges and Chances for European Cooperation' by Mr. Bert Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

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International negotiations training applauded by Indonesian diplomats

During the past six weeks, the Clingendael Academy has been training a group of 20 junior diplomats from Indonesia. Especially celebrated were the international negotiation trainings and simulations organised by Clingendael staff members: "The exercises illustrated perfectly how negotiations in multilateral fora work.”

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First conference of civilian and police trainers for crisis management

Clingendael Academy, in cooperation with the EU Police Service Training (EUPST) and the ENTRi network, organised the first joint conference of European training providers involved in training crisis management staff

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European Strategy, European Defence and the CSDP

This report is based on the findings of an expert seminar organised by both institutes on 14 October 2015 in Brussels, and reflects the main topics of discussion.

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Gender, peace and security

Gender equality has been an important theme for the policies of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs on fragile and conflict-affected states

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