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The crisis in North Africa

20/04/2015 • Reports and papers

Implications for Europe and Options for EU Policymakers:
The Arab Spring has dramatically transformed the strategic environment on Europe’s southern border.

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Adversity and opportunity

20/04/2015 • Reports and papers

Facing the Security and Policy Challenges in the Middle East:
The promise of the 2011 Arab uprisings is gone, and civil conflict wracks Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. New extremist groups like ISIS present a challenging set of security threats to the region and, importantly, Europe.

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Islamic State franchising

20/04/2015 • Reports and papers

This report seeks to fill that gap by shedding light on the nature of IS expansion into different areas of the Middle East and North Africa, the challenges it faces in doing so, and the impact it has on local power dynamics, in particular with respect to local jihadi groups.

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New PINPoints #41 - Clingendael’s negotiation magazine: now available

17/04/2015 • Books and articles

The 41st PINPoints arrives at a turbulent and exciting time in international negotiation. The events of the moment pose enormous questions to process analysis and deliver important lessons, many of which have been included in the articles of this PIN publication.

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The EU maritime security strategy

16/04/2015 • Policy briefs

Promoting or absorbing European defence cooperation?

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Een deal met Iran is zo slecht nog niet

15/04/2015 • Opinion

Halbe Zijlstra doet de deal met Iran af als slecht, maar de argumenten die hij aandraagt, overtuigen niet.

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The roots of Mali's conflict: Moving beyond the 2012 crisis

13/04/2015 • Reports and papers

Clingendael's Conflict Research Unit (CRU) has published the report "The roots of Mali's conflict: Moving beyond the 2012 crisis".

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Maak van de dokter geen besmettingshaard

13/04/2015 • Opinion

Zonder zorgpersoneel geen solide en veerkrachtig gezondheidssysteem. Wat zijn de lessen van de Ebola epidemie? Investeer in het zorgpersoneel, zo stelt Remco van de Pas.

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Europa moet gezamenlijk optrekken tegen China

09/04/2015 • Opinion

Europa zou zich wat meer zorgen kunnen maken over een wereld waarin Chinese normen gaan domineren.

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Wordt de wereld veiliger?

08/04/2015 • Opinion

Het gevaar mag dan dichterbij komen, nog altijd is Europa het minst bedreigde werelddeel.

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De VS is geen verschrompelde dwerg

02/04/2015 • Opinion

Het beeld van China als reus en de VS als een verschrompelende dwerg klopt niet.

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Stopping the Serrata: why we need a holistic approach to inclusiveness

01/04/2015 • Opinion

Global trends in inequality and social fragmentation in fragile and conflict-affected states represent two fundamental obstacles to inclusive development. Policies to counter the concentration of wealth and power exist, as Latin America has shown. But we also need to address the systems that generate ever greater divergence.

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