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Keep calm but stay committed in Afghanistan

Security and Conflict • Publications • 20 april 2016

A suicide attack in Kabul this week left at least 28 dead and more than 300 wounded. As the Taliban claimed its responsibility, the attack seems to mark the start of the annual spring offensive of the various insurgent groups. Should we be worried about this latest attack?

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The consequences of our ‘No’

Europe / EUforum • Publications • 7 april 2016

At least 30 percent of the Dutch voters have cast their vote in the Ukraine referendum and the No camp has won with a vast majority. EU politicians have to deliver better EU policy, Ukraine should not act the victim, and EU issues demand EU-wide referenda, says Clingendael expert Adriaan Schout.

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The foreign fighters phenomenon in the EU

Security and Terrorism • Publications • 1 april 2016

In this ICCT-report EU Member States are advised to develop rehabilitation and reintegration programmes to deal with convicted foreign fighters as well as returning foreign fighters. Member States should also invest in training as well as prepare municipalities to deal with increasing numbers of returnees.

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Courthouse and clinic formally opened Côte d'Ivoire.jpg

Wanted: Creative disruption for better security & justice

30 May 2016 • Conflict and Fragility

Why are international approaches to security & justice programming not being improved despite the weight of evidence pointing at current shortcomings? In this podcast Senior Research Fellow Erwin van Veen discusses the matter with several experts during a Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law event.

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Lobbying agriculture and nature in the EU

25 May 2016 • Resources and Economy

Senior policy officers of the Agriculture and Nature department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs practised their lobbying skills and put these into practice in Brussels at the EU-level.

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Effective EU influencing is hard work

23 May 2016 • EU Affairs

Who do I need to talk to if I want to influence EU policy in my field? What are the biggest pitfalls to avoid when lobbying the European Commission? These and more questions are addressed at the EU training courses organised by Clingendael Academy.

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Discussing democratic governance structures with Indonesian diplomats

20 May 2016 • International Skills

As part of the six-week training course ‘Indonesia in World Politics’, Clingendael welcomed the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) to discuss instruments to support democratic governance structures.

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Multi annual Defence Agreements in the Netherlands

20 May 2016 • Security and Terrorism

The manner in which Dutch Defence policy comes about should be changed. Accumulating budget cuts and a mismatch between ambitions and means make the Dutch defence organisation ache for a long term perspective. A variant of a Multi-Annual Defence Agreement might offer a solution.

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