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Diplomacy in the Digital Age

27/01/2015 • Reports and papers

This report summarises the findings of the digital diplomacy roundtable that was convened in the context of the Clingendael research project “Diplomacy in the Digital Age”.

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Measuring Security Progress: Politics, Challenges and Solutions

21/01/2015 • Reports and papers

Discussions and Findings from an Expert Meeting held 20 November 2014 at The Netherlands Permanent Representation to the UN

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Een echte terrorist schrik je niet gemakkelijk af

16/01/2015 • Opinion

Na iedere grote aanslag, wordt er geroepen om meer en steviger beleid tegen terrorisme.

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The Future of OSCE Field Operations

14/01/2015 • Reports and papers

OSCE Field Operations have played an important role in crisis prevention and crisis management for more than 20 years already. This report of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions is the first major effort to draw lessons from these experiences.

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New Book: China's Public Diplomacy

13/01/2015 • Books and articles

New book by Ingrid d'Hooge on China's Public Diplomacy

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Het netwerk van Buttes-Chaumont

12/01/2015 • Opinion

Het echte dilemma is niet het politiek-filosofische, maar het veiligheidsprobleem. 'Parijs was een aanslag die teruggaat naar het park Buttes-Chaumont in het 19e arrondissement.'

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Charlie staat voor welke beschaving?

12/01/2015 • Opinion

En opeens heten we allemaal Charlie. Althans bijna allemaal.

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EU should tango with Taiwanese tiger and Chinese dragon

12/01/2015 • Opinion

The EU losing out economically and politically by letting China dictate its trade diplomacy towards Taiwan. It needs to invest now if it wants to remain the economic and standard-setting powerhouse that is it today, argue Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Roy Chun Lee.

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Azawad and the rights of passage

12/01/2015 • Reports and papers

Over the past decade the displacement of narcotics supply lines has placed the remote and marginalised Sahara-Sahel region on the international drug route to the European market. Border control has become of primary importance, and an essential part of understanding the dynamics of competing political claims and armed movements.

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08/01/2015 • Opinion

De aanslagen die de meeste indruk op ons maken zijn statistisch gezien lang niet de ergste. Waarom wijkt ons gevoel zo af van de cijfers?

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An OSCE Monitor looks on as body bags are arranged on the side of the road by the MH17 crash site

The organization of the year 2014

05/01/2015 • Opinion

The prize for the international organization that made the most remarkable contribution to international peace and security in 2014 should go to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

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Report: Setting a Progressive UN Peace and Security Agenda

29/12/2014 • Reports and papers

This report reflects the discussions during the 'Setting a Progressive United Nations Peace and Security Agenda' event in November 2014

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