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The future of think tanks

01/03/2015 • Opinion

In January the University of Pennsylvania published its annual ranking of think tanks. The good news is that think tanks are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, but the report also contains certain worrisome messages.

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Do-it-yourself Islam? Views on the religious credibility of the IS

27/02/2015 • Opinion

The so-called Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Islam enjoys little support among leading Sunni and Salafist preachers. At the same time, you shouldn’t expect these religious leaders to help stem the tide of disaffected Muslims making their way to IS strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

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Strijd rond vechteuro wordt nog veel harder

27/02/2015 • Opinion

De gevechten rond de euro waren gekmakend, maar de neuro is nu versterkt uit de bus gekomen.

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Crime and the state: Latin America’s season of scandal

26/02/2015 • Opinion

In Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, major scandals have highlighted the murky links between serious crime and the political arena. Why have hopes of reform been dashed?

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De omstreden oproep van Netanjahoe

26/02/2015 • Opinion

Netanjahoe kan niet worden verweten dat hij doet wat raison d’être van de staat Israël hem opdraagt.

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How should Europe respond to Russia? The Dutch view

25/02/2015 • Opinion

The Dutch have consistently combined excellent economic relations with Russia with a broader critical dialogue, which has included discussions on politically sensitive issues such as human rights. Balancing the two has always been difficult, often leading to tensions in the relationship.

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From violence to politics? Transforming non-conventional armed groups

24/02/2015 • Reports and papers

Is it possible to envisage the use of political incentives as bargaining chips when negotiating with organised crime networks, youth gangs and other “non-conventional” violent actors? What types of political incentives could be provided and what challenges might they represent for democracy?

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Ingrijpen in Libië is urgent nodig

24/02/2015 • Opinion

Europa is verantwoordelijk voor veiligheid in de eigen voortuin. En Libië - niet IS of Oekraïne - is nu de grootste verspreider van onveiligheid.

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Explosief mengsel bedreigt de Unie

21/02/2015 • Opinion

De Eurokritische veenbrand die in Zuid-Europa woedt, kan uitgroeien tot een existentiële crisis in de Europese Unie.

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From neglect to hyperactivity: the regional force against Boko Haram

20/02/2015 • Opinion

CRU Project Assistant Thibault van Damme offers his thoughts on the setting up of a regional force to take on Boko Haram.

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We zijn steeds veiliger, al ervaren we dat anders

19/02/2015 • Opinion

De wereld wordt echt veiliger. Maar in Europa heerst een algemeen gevoeld code oranje.

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Commentary: Bamako’s new government

16/02/2015 • Opinion

CRU Senior research fellow Grégory Chauzal reflects on Mali’s recent cabinet reshuffle and its implications.

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