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Clingendael Academy trains Syrian Coalition

17/09/2014 • Reports and papers

Clingendael trained a group of representatives from the Syrian Opposition Coalition in diplomatic practice.

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The Security that People Get Is Often Not What They Want

16/09/2014 • Opinion

The recent incidents in Ferguson, US, have highlighted two similarities in the provision of security across the world. First, people often don’t get the security they want.

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The Rise of Africa

15/09/2014 • Reports and papers

‘The Rise of Africa’ is the theme of this year’s seminar, organised for diplomats from the People’s Republic of China.

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Het snelle leger is al een halve eeuw onderweg

15/09/2014 • Opinion

Het idee voor een NAVO eenheid die snel kan reageren stamt uit 1960 maar tot dusver is succes uitgebleven.

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Boosheid is niet genoeg voor ingrijpen tegen IS

13/09/2014 • Opinion

Er is geen volkenrechtelijk mandaat voor Nederlandse deelname aan de coalitie tegen IS.

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Ukraine, mistakes to be avoided after the crisis

07/09/2014 • Books and articles

It might seem premature to discuss what to do when the current crisis in Ukraine is over, but it would be shortsighted not to do so. In a Policy Brief for the Clingendael Institute (Lessons of the MH17 disaster, September 2014[1]) Barend ter Haar suggested some lessons to be drawn from this tragedy, in this column the pitfalls to be avoided in the aftermath of the current crisis.

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Timmermans moet de Britten in de EU houden

05/09/2014 • Opinion

Het voorkomen dat de Britten de EU verlaten, kan de noodzakelijke koerswijziging forceren die Europa nodig heeft om steun van de bevolking te herwinnen.

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NATO summit, Newport, Wales, 4-5 September 2014

Eenheid cruciaal voor NAVO-top

03/09/2014 • Opinion

De tweejaarlijkse top van de NAVO kan nauwelijks beter getimed zijn.

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Flag at half mast in Netherlands for flight MH17

Lessons of the MH17 disaster

03/09/2014 • Policy briefs

The MH17 disaster makes clear that international peace and security cannot be taken for granted.

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Comitology and Regulatory Burdens: A Blind Spot?

03/09/2014 • Policy briefs

In the depths of EU decision-making, comitology is allegedly still one of the remaining sources of high and unnecessary regulatory costs. This policy brief examines these indictments.

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Anything but war

02/09/2014 • Opinion

It was in July and August a century ago that the pacts of honour and depths of ignorance weaving together the governments of Europe hurried everyone into war. Any moment on a cable news channel last week, the onlooker might have undergone the feeling of inner liquidity that goes with the thought that it could all be happening again.

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Security Sector Reform: Past, Present...and Future?

01/09/2014 • Opinion

This summer’s headlines have been exhaustingly tragic. From the violent blitzkrieg and beheadings carried out by the Islamic State, to the shocking recklessness of militants in Donetsk and police in Ferguson, insecurity has taken an unsettlingly high civilian toll these past months.

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