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Not all is what it seems: 5 Inconvenient ´truths´ of the Iraqi crisis

20/05/2015 • Opinion

The capture of Tikrit from the Islamic State (IS) by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in early April - with the help of US airstrikes and Iranian advisors - appeared to simultaneously preserve and under

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Kernbom bouwen? Koop je spullen gewoon op Ebay

19/05/2015 • Books and articles

Altijd al een kernbom willen bouwen? Sla dan je slag op Ebay of Alibaba, waar je de benodigde spullen kunt kopen en de exportregels kunt omzeilen.

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New ban on nuclear weapons and implications for the Netherlands

12/05/2015 • Policy briefs

International support for a new multilateral treaty banning nuclear weapons is increasing. What implications would such a treaty have for the Netherlands?

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The role of the military in the prosecution of terrorism cases

07/05/2015 • Reports and papers

In this research paper the role of the military when performing law enforcement activities in terms of collecting evidence and/or securing suspected terrorists is analysed.

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Lebanon: elites, power and security

07/05/2015 • Reports and papers

How the organization of security in Lebanon serves elite interests. Despite the turmoil and the insecurity that is spilling over from the Syrian conflict, Lebanon is not a passive player or victim in the regional security situation.

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'One Belt, One Road': de riskante weg?

07/05/2015 • Opinion

Het zeer omvangrijke implementatieplan van ‘One Belt, One Road’ dat door Xi Jinping afgelopen maart op het Boao Forum voor Azië met veel poeha is gepresenteerd, wordt door menig commentator wel het ‘meest gedurfde internationale beleidsinitiatief in de Chinese geschiedenis’ genoemd.

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Europe’s volatile southern neighbourhood

29/04/2015 • Policy briefs

The “Arab Spring” protests of 2011 upended the political status quo in North Africa, ushering in an era of turmoil and political uncertainty. This policy brief begins by examining regional political developments since the onset of the Arab Spring, and the impact they will have on Europe.

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Grieks vertrek uit euro is voor alle partijen het beste

29/04/2015 • Opinion

Langer wachten met de Grexit leidt alleen maar tot nog ernstiger politieke en economische wonden.

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Defence matters: more urgent than ever

28/04/2015 • Reports and papers

Defence matters, and it matters more urgent than ever. This Report will review the progress that was made on the many taskings that the European Council provided at the end of 2013 on three clusters.

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Er is niets mis met een beetje twijfel

24/04/2015 • Opinion

Shakespeare ruimde nog plaats in voor de weifelmoedige, in de 21ste eeuw lijkt alles versimpeld tot zwart-witschema's.

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European action in Middle East conflicts

23/04/2015 • Policy briefs

The current situation in the Middle East presents a challenging set of security threats to the region as well as to Europe.

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Deaths at sea: scant hope for the future

22/04/2015 • Opinion

Europe is today the deadliest migration destination in the world and the Mediterranean is becoming an open-air cemetery. In spite of worldwide condemnations the EU’s approach has been hopeless.

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