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Anything but war

02/09/2014 • Opinion

It was in July and August a century ago that the pacts of honour and depths of ignorance weaving together the governments of Europe hurried everyone into war. Any moment on a cable news channel last week, the onlooker might have undergone the feeling of inner liquidity that goes with the thought that it could all be happening again.

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Security Sector Reform: Past, Present...and Future?

01/09/2014 • Opinion

This summer’s headlines have been exhaustingly tragic. From the violent blitzkrieg and beheadings carried out by the Islamic State, to the shocking recklessness of militants in Donetsk and police in Ferguson, insecurity has taken an unsettlingly high civilian toll these past months.

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Personnel from RFA Fort Victoria Board a Boat Suspected of Use by Pirates Near Somalia

EU governance of the threat of piracy off the coast of Somalia

29/08/2014 • Books and articles

Powers and capacities of the EU to deal with piracy off the coast of Somalia.

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All for one and one for all

Article 5 revisited – Is NATO up to it?

29/08/2014 • Policy briefs

The events in Ukraine pose fundamental questions about NATO's military and political ability to uphold its obligations to defend the Alliance's member states. Article 5 is suddenly back in the centre of everybody’s attention.

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Mah jong tiles

China en de Krim

28/08/2014 • Opinion

Hoe de echo van de Oekraïne doorklinkt van Beijing tot de Zuid-Chinese Zee. China zit in een spagaat. Tussen het hooghouden van haar normen van non-interventie aan de ene kant en de realiteit van het gedrag van bondgenoot Rusland aan de andere kant. Wat zijn de belangen van China inzake de Oekraïne?

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Against the Odds: The Case for Greater Western Intervention in Syria

27/08/2014 • Opinion

The Syrian civil war is now in its third year and continues unabated. A battlefield resolution remains unlikely: the imminent capture of Aleppo by the regime is being offset by rapid advances of the Islamic State in eastern Syria – taking in the city of Deir-ez-Zour, major oilfields, and nearly all strongpoints on the Euphrates river.

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Freedom of speech

Hoe pakken we IS effectief aan?

26/08/2014 • Opinion

Laten we het Engels voorbeeld niet volgen en snel een einde maken aan een klimaat waar radicalisering en rekrutering makkelijk gedijt

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Speech balloon

Stel verheerlijking moord op Foley niet strafbaar

26/08/2014 • Opinion

Het vervolgen van verheerlijking van barbaars geweld is zinloos. Investeer liever in het vroeg aanpakken van radicalisering

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'The cavalry has arrived': EU in The Hague and at OPCW

25/08/2014 • Policy briefs

Analysis of the EU's positioning at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

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Dark globe


20/08/2014 • Opinion

De vrijheid van elk land wordt begrensd door geografie, geschiedenis en de realiteit van macht

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SSR: Securing its success, justifying its relevance

19/08/2014 • Policy briefs

As Security Sector Reform (SSR) faces pressure to address new issues and threats, the moment is right to assess unresolved issues concerning both the concept and the practice of SSR. Four points stand out as essential to improving SSR initiatives.

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IS is deel grotere oorlog sjiieten en soennieten

15/08/2014 • Opinion

Het Westen moet niet interveniëren in een burgeroorlog tussen soennieten en sjiieten.

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