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Multi annual Defence Agreements in the Netherlands

20 May 2016 • Reports and papers

The manner in which Dutch Defence policy comes about should be changed. Accumulating budget cuts and a mismatch between ambitions and means make the Dutch defence organisation ache for a long term perspective. A variant of a Multi-Annual Defence Agreement might offer a solution.

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Still no tipping point for world drug problem

19 May 2016 • Opinion

The United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem (April 2016) did not produce the structural changes some were hoping for. It confirms that the debate is still too politicized, with too many actors and agendas working at cross-purposes.

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Opening Development Assistance Committee (DAC) High Level Meeting. OECD, Paris, France.

No more excuses: better security and justice programmes within reach

19 May 2016 • Opinion

Development is a highly complex process of social change at multiple, interrelated, levels and dimensions that may unexpectedly regress or progress in function of either accumulated change or windows of opportunity that suddenly arise. There is no area for which this is truer than the organization and delivery of security and justice in fragile societies.

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Prosecuting foreign terrorist fighters: What role for the military?

17 May 2016 • Policy briefs

What are the difficulties of prosecuting foreign terorrist fighters, and is there a role for the military in assisting prosecutors in collecting evidence and arresting suspects in countries of destination?

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European defence: from strategy to delivery

12 May 2016 • Books and articles

A stronger Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is indispensable for a secure Europe and necessary to underpin the EU’s role as a security provider. However, without credible armed forces the EU will remain a paper tiger. A CSDP White Book has to translate the Global Strategy into CSDP ambition levels, military objectives and capability needs.

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Don't tell the British the consequences of Brexit (now)

12 May 2016 • Opinion

If the British leave the EU after their referendum on 23 June, it will no longer be business as usual. EU leaders have signalled that if European integration is rejected, the British cannot count on continued smooth economic cooperation with the EU.

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Freedom speech Ko Colijn on Remembrance Day

5 May 2016 • Opinion

Each year on May 5th, in Wageningen the Dutch commemorate the end of World War II. Ko Colijn, general director of the Clingendael Institute, presents this year's Freedom Speech in Wageningen's church of Johannes de Doper (John the Baptist).

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The extreme costs of misunderstanding

1 May 2016 • Opinion

In international relations the costs of a misunderstanding can be extremely high. During the Cold War Moscow and the West were well aware of such risks. Their worldviews differed fundamentally, but they took great care to prevent fateful misunderstandings. Nowadays, the situation has been turned upside down.

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The resistible rise of TTIP

29 April 2016 • Opinion

Why has the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) turned into such a controversial project, ruffling feathers left and right? And why the hurry to rush things through so quickly?

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The parliamentarisation of the EU’s economic policy

29 April 2016 • Policy briefs

The role of the European Parliament (EP) in economic governance is increasing. Using mostly informal mechanisms, the EP is setting in motion an incremental process towards further control. Even though the formal role of the EP is still limited, Europe’s political union seems to draw ever closer.

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Trumps metamorphosis and the odds of a 'First Lady President'

26 April 2016 • Opinion

Due to a broad ideological consensus on the capitalist nature of American society, the difference between presidential candidates can only be clarified by making it personal. The spectators of this 'political spectacle' have recently been given value for money in 2016.

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The political dynamics of security in fragile states

26 April 2016 • Opinion

Whether it is in the slums of Nairobi, the port of Karachi, or the corridors of power in Bujumbura, in many fragile societies state security organizations serve the interest of ruling elites in maintaining political power or their own institutional interests. Senior Research Fellow Erwin van Veen explores the critical links between political power and the organization of security in fragile societies.

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