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Reviving Co-operative Security in Europe through the OSCE

01/10/2015 • Reports and papers

Recommendations of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions, presented at the Belgrade Security Forum on 1 October 2015

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Westen moet rol van Russen in Syrië erkennen

01/10/2015 • Opinion

Bij de komende onderhandelingen over Syrië hebben de Russen de touwtjes stevig in handen.

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Oil and gold: private sector and post-conflict risks in Colombia

30/09/2015 • Reports and papers

Gold, oil and the lure of violence:private sector and post-conflict risks in Colombia. This report presents a number of the challenges for Colombia’s post-conflict stability arising from criminal networks and activities in regions associated with the extractive industry – and specifically in regions dedicated to oil extraction and gold mining.

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Foreign Policy Responses to International Cyber-attacks

29/09/2015 • Policy briefs

How could foreign policy instruments be helpful in responding to major cyber-attacks? This policy brief provides a first exploration of this topic by investigating five cases of international cyber-attacks which had a great deal of societal impact.

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Geopolitiek en economische kwetsbaarheid

29/09/2015 • Reports and papers

De wereld van vandaag wordt gekenmerkt door verschuivende machtsverhoudingen en oplopende spanningen tussen de grote mogendheden. Hoe gevoelig en kwetsbaar is Nederland, gegeven de internationale verwevenheid van zijn economie, voor deze geopolitieke ontwikkelingen?

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Solidariteit is in Oost-Europa een besmet begrip

25/09/2015 • Opinion

Vanwaar de weerzin bij Oost-Europese EU-lidstaten tegen de opvang van vluchtelingen? Die kan ze nog weleens opbreken.

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Silk Road Headlines Archive

25/09/2015 • Research programme

To facilitate the debate on the Silk Road initiative, the Clingendael Institute has initiated the Silk Road Headlines, a news service which provides regular updates on news articles from open sources related to China's Silk Road initiative.

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The BRICS as an EU Security Challenge: The Case for Conservatism

23/09/2015 • Reports and papers

This report by Peter van Ham examines whether, and if so how, the BRICS are a security challenge to the European Union (EU). The report argues that, apart from demanding a larger “voice” in global governance, most BRICS members are overall satisfied with the international system’s present functioning and therefore cherish a conservative, rather than revolutionary, vision of the global economy.

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Understanding contestations for power

17/09/2015 • Research programme

Understanding contestations for power: security and justice in fragile environments. A CRU Research Programme on Security and Justice: 2015-2019.

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The Danger of Proliferating Covert Cyber Operations

15/09/2015 • Policy briefs

This Policy Brief discusses various options for deterring similar cyber attacks in the future. It concludes that covert cyber attacks against China appear to be the most likely US response. However, this Policy Brief also notes that such a course of action would be detrimental to international stability.

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Internationale Materieelsamenwerking

15/09/2015 • Reports and papers

Dit Clingendael rapport analyseert de kansen en mogelijkheden van internationale materieelsamenwerking voor Defensie.

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China’s Evolving Role in Peacekeeping and African Security

14/09/2015 • Reports and papers

This Report by Frans Paul van der Putten focuses on China’s dispatch of a force protection unit to Mali with the UN’s peacekeeping force MINUSMA and the insights that can be derived from this deployment.

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