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Options for addressing the Syrian civil war

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 24, 2014

This new CRU report outlines options for greater Western engagement in the Syrian civil war to halt the violence. It examines the war´s trajectory, international entanglements and current battlefield situation.

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The New Criminal Blitz: Mali, Iraq and the Business of Asymmetry

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 25, 2014

What does the ISIS insurgency in Iraq have in common with recent Islamist activity in Mali? Ivan Briscoe believes they’ve both elevated the obtaining of illicit income to new levels, thereby linking crime, Jihadism and the sectarian decomposition of the nation-state in more unpredictable ways.

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Corruption in the Northern Triangle: The siren song of crime

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 15, 2014

Illicit networks combining crime, politics and business have extended their influence across Central America since the end of the region's civil wars.

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Conflict, security and emerging threats

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 07, 2014

The trends towards extreme fragmentation amongst armed groups, as well as the growing transnational linkages to conflict, pose new and as yet unresolved challenges for the international community.

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Prolonging the agony of UNMISS

Conflict and Fragility • Publications • July 01, 2014

The implementation challenges of a new mandate during a civil war.

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The Conflict Research Unit (CRU) conducts research on the nexus between security and development with a special focus on integrated/ comprehensive approaches on conflict prevention, stabilisation and reconstruction in fragile and conflict-affected situations. The CRU focuses on the following research topics:

Crisis and Conflict Analysis
Security and Justice
Economic development
Policy debates

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All for the few and the few for themselves?


On Thursday 4 December Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit (CRU) organizes a meeting for the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law. The purpose of the event is to explore how elite interests and coalitions shape the priorities, culture, structure and accountability of security and justice organizations in fragile environments

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Informal meeting on the Sahel with EUSR Michel Reveyrand de Menthon


On the 29th of October, the Conflict Research Unit (CRU) of the Clingendael Institute will host an informal meeting with the EU Special Representative (EUSR) for the Sahel, Michel Reveyrand de Menthon, which aims to bring together a diverse group of representatives from civil society, the policy

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Irak: waar zijn de diplomaten en spionnen?

13/10/2014 • Opinion

De eerste Nederlandse bommen zijn geworpen. We zijn nu definitief partij in de strijd tegen de terreurgroepering Islamitische Staat (IS).

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Langdurig strijd in de Levant

14/09/2014 • Opinion

Het rommelt in de Levant: politieke deadlock in Libanon gepaard gaand met een opleving van het salafisme; economische instabiliteit in Jordanië; een hete ronde van aanslagen tussen Hamas en Israël; en de gewelddadige opmars van Islamitische Staat (IS) in Irak en Syrië, met Hollywood-achtige tafe

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Stealing the revolution: violence and predation in Libya

06/10/2014 • Reports and papers

The success of Libya’s 2011 revolution has given way to political disarray, an institutional vacuum, and an extraordinary proliferation of non-state and quasi-state armed groups operating across the country.

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Upgrading Peacekeeping to Counter Transnational Conflict Drivers

25/09/2014 • Policy briefs

Technological progress, liberalisation and the end of the Cold War have significantly altered existing transnational conflict drivers, as well as created new ones.

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Non-conventional armed violence: new challenges and responses

31/12/2014 • Reports and papers

A specially commissioned series of papers explores the new wave of violent groups that defy the models of traditional armed conflict.

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Crime in the Global Economy: Profit, Survival, and Rule

22/09/2014 • Opinion

Last year, authorities seized 1,300 kilograms of cocaine in Paris from an Air France flight originating from Caracas.

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Chronic violence and non-conventional armed actors

16/09/2014 • Reports and papers

New forms of violence that are distinct from those associated with traditional armed conflict have emerged as a major global concern in recent years.

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The Security that People Get Is Often Not What They Want

16/09/2014 • Opinion

The recent incidents in Ferguson, US, have highlighted two similarities in the provision of security across the world. First, people often don’t get the security they want.

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The Sahel Research Programme

09/09/2014 • Multimedia

Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit (CRU) set up a new research programme on the political economy of instability in Africa’s Sahel region.

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Anything but war

02/09/2014 • Opinion

It was in July and August a century ago that the pacts of honour and depths of ignorance weaving together the governments of Europe hurried everyone into war. Any moment on a cable news channel last week, the onlooker might have undergone the feeling of inner liquidity that goes with the thought that it could all be happening again.

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